Word Search

Search object records for any word or exact phrase (e.g. Barrow, hunting hat, kayak) by typing it into Word Search.

Word Search is not case sensitive, so typing “kayak” will also locate “Kayak.”

Limit or expand your Word Search by checking the appropriate boxes under Object Category, Related Media, Theme, and Culture. If Search All is checked for all four, then Word Search will scan all records in the database.

Object Category

You may locate objects in one, several, or all object categories listed by checking the appropriate boxes. You may further focus your search by checking boxes under Media, Theme, or Culture. For example, selecting “clothing” under Object Category and “Athabascan” under Culture will locate all object records for Athabascan clothing but not clothing from other regions.


You may select one or several themes to guide your search. The Community theme includes objects that are related to home and community life, including clothing, house wares, and toys. Ceremony includes objects used as part of ceremonies, celebrations, and rituals. Environment includes objects used on the land, sea, and rivers for travel, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. Boxes checked under Object Category, Culture, or Related Media will further focus your search.


Select one, several, or all culture areas by clicking on the map regions or checking the appropriate boxes. Boxes checked under Object Category, Theme, or Related Media will further focus your search.

Related Media

By checking appropriate boxes in Related Media you may limit your search to only those object records that include 360° views, are discussed in videos, or are included in tours.