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qantaq “bowl, plate, dish”
Язык: Central Yup'ik

Alngagnqerrluteng. Ayuqenrilngurneng alngangqetuut. Ilait kanaggun nayiruaneng. Nutaraullermegni wani qaralingqerraqluteng nayiruameng. Augayui. Augaqainauvkenateng eruyuilameng. (They had symbols. They always have different symbols. Some had ringed seals on the bottom - when they were new, they had ringed seal designs. They never came off. They couldn’t come off, because the bowls weren’t washed.)

—Neva Rivers, 2002

The painting on this Yupik bowl from the village of Nulukhtulogumut on Nelson Island may represent a controller spirit. It hands have holes, allowing the passage of sea mammals to the human world. The being is flanked by walruses and seals. Food bowls were wiped clean after eating, but not washed.

Культура: Yup’ik
Регион: Yukon-Kuskokwim River Delta, Alaska
Деревня: Nulukhtulogumut
Категрия предмета: Housewares
Размеры: длина 28cm
Дата поступления: 1879
Источник: E. W. Nelson (collector)
Музей: Национальный музей естественной истории
Идентификационный номер музея: E038685