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Snow goggles

yuġluqtaak “sun goggles”
Язык: North Slope Iñupiaq

Qiñiġnaġmiuk (You can see with these).

—Jane Brower, 2002

These Barrow area snow goggles are inscribed with designs that include suns, mountains, and eyes clad in goggles. Explorer Patrick H. Ray, visiting the Barrow region in 1883, wrote, “The blinding glare of the sun upon the snow affects the strongest eyes, and we found no preventive. We had several varieties of shaded glasses and goggles, but found as much protection in the wooden shades made and worn by the natives as we did in our own improved glasses, and they were much more comfortable, as the moisture from the face did not congeal upon them so readily.”

Культура: Iñupiaq
Регион: Northwest Alaska
Деревня: Point Barrow
Категрия предмета: Hunting
Размеры: Length 16.0cm
Дата поступления: 1921
Источник: Sheldon Jackson (collector)
Музей: Национальный музей естественной истории
Идентификационный номер музея: E316707