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Snow goggles

deiizhii “eyeglasses”
Язык: Gwich'in

You get caught out all the time, with sickness out there, snow-blind…so you take birch bark, make holes in there; that will protect your eyes.

—Phillip Arrow, 2004

Athabascan hunters and travelers used a variety of forest materials to make goggles and eye masks for protection against snow glare, including wood, birch bark, and bear skin. This pair of goggles was sewn from birch bark with a leather strap and a springy wooden bridge for the nose.

Культура: Athabascan
Регион: Upper Yukon River, Alaska
Категрия предмета: Hunting
Размеры: Length 9.4cm
Дата поступления: 1892
Источник: Isreal C. Russell (donor)
Музей: Национальный музей естественной истории
Идентификационный номер музея: E153427A