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piluguk “pair of skin boots”
Язык: Central Yup'ik

Maqalriit. (Very warm ones)

—John Phillip, Sr., 2002

These are a woman’s winter boots, made from the brown leg skins and white belly fur of caribou or reindeer (domesticated caribou). The tassels and decorative bands are made of mink, otter, and wolverine fur. Elders said that they must have come from a village along the Kuskokwim River, where boots were fancier than on the coast.

Культура: Yup’ik
Регион: Bristol Bay, Alaska
Категрия предмета: Clothing
Тип предмета: Boots
Размеры: длина 46cm
Дата поступления: 1882
Источник: Charles L. McKay (donor)
Музей: Национальный музей естественной истории
Идентификационный номер музея: E056061