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uivqurraq “circular cap”
Language: Central Yup'ik

Also called:
nacarraq “hat, cap”
Language: Central Yup'ik

When you’re sewing with skin...think about the animal and how it gave itself to you so that you can be warm or dressed.

—Joan Hamilton, 2002

This simple caribou fur hat, trimmed along the bottom with bear or wolverine, reminded Yup’ik elders of the ways that clothing expresses place, identity, and family, and how it connects the thoughts and lives of human and animal beings. People wore circular caps like this in regions south of the Yukon River, where parkas were made without hoods.

Culture: Yup’ik
Region: Yukon & Kuskokwim Delta, Alaska
Village: Askinuk, near Cape Romanzoff
Object Category: Clothing
Dimensions: Length 21cm
Accession Date: 1879
Source: E. W. Nelson (collector)
Museum: National Museum of Natural History
Museum ID Number: E037904