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aangruyak “dispatching weapon”
Language: Central Yup'ik

When a hunter thrust this weapon at an animal, the point, its aangruyak, went inside the animal and was detached from the tip. Once the point was lodged inside the animal and they continued to hit it with the aangruyak, the animal would weaken and die.

—Paul Wassilie, 1997, from “Yup’ik Elders at the Ethnologisches Museum Berlin,” 2005

This lance with an ivory socket at one end was used to stab and kill sea mammals after they were wounded with a harpoon. Lance points with stone or iron blades were inserted into the socket. An ivory finger-rest on the side of the shaft helped the hunter to keep a sure grip on the weapon.

Culture: Yup’ik
Region: Yukon & Kuskokwim River Delta, Alaska
Village: Anogogmut
Object Category: Hunting
Dimensions: Length 176cm
Accession Date: 1879
Source: E. W. Nelson (collector)
Museum: National Museum of Natural History
Museum ID Number: E036058