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payaaqek “pair of woman’s fancy, knee-high bleached sealskin boots”
Language: St. Lawrence Island Yupik

Also called:
kaamget “boots”
Language: St. Lawrence Island Yupik

Just to beautify the girls, I think…Sometimes these little things, we call them takaghaghquq, we cross it like this before we sew it. It looks so pretty.

—Estelle Oozevaseuk, 2001

Genevieve Apatiki of Gambell made these high-topped sealskin dress boots for the St. Lawrence Island Dancers in 1982. They are feminine in style with customary red and white patchwork designs (takaghaghquq); vertical red strips down the front; decorative strands of red beads; and straps that attach toward the back and do not pass through a loop as on a man’s boot. The cuffs are yellow cotton cloth.

Culture: St. Lawrence Island Yupik
Region: St. Lawrence Island, Alaska
Village: Gambell
Object Category: Clothing
Dimensions: Length 43cm
Accession Date: 1990
Source: Genevieve Apatiki (maker)
Museum: National Museum of Natural History
Museum ID Number: E423975