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ayupat “box”
Language: Bering Strait Iñupiaq

Also called:
ikł.iġvik “storage box, tool kit”
Language: North Slope Iñupiaq

Qunugikaatka tarruŋa ikisuugika. (What I treasure I always put in there.)

—Theresa Nanouk, 2001

Decorated small boxes with tight-fitting lids held jewelry, small valuables, and tobacco. The body of this box was made by boiling a thin rectangular piece of wood, bending it into an oval shape, then stitching it at the front through decorative ivory bars. The carving on top is an ermine.

Culture: Iñupiaq
Region: Seward Peninsula, Alaska
Village: Wales
Object Category: Tools
Dimensions: Length: 15.4cm
Accession Date: 1946
Source: Nathan Bijur Collection
Museum: National Museum of the American Indian
Museum ID Number: 208834.000