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kuingiq “tobacco pipe”
Language: Central Yup'ik

Cuyatangellrani-w’ tua iqmilallrulut. (Only after they got leaf tobacco, they began to chew it.)

—John Phillip Sr., 2002

Traditional tobacco use in the Yup’ik region of western Alaska included smoking, taking snuff, and chewing the leaf after it had been mixed with ash made by burning tree fungus, cottonwood, and other plants. The tusked head of a walrus forms the bowl of this engraved ivory pipe, reportedly collected in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. It was probably made for sale.

Culture: Yup’ik
Region: Kuskokwim River, Alaska
Dimensions: Length 26cm
Accession Date: 1908
Source: George B. Gordon (collector)
Museum: National Museum of the American Indian
Museum ID Number: 016660.000