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sit’imhlaamiskw “leggings”
Language: Nisga’a

Then the Prince of the Black Bears came down from the hills singing this song, and with three crests, red leggings, a mountain-goat hat, and a grizzly-bear hat…

—From “The Four Chiefs and Chief Grizzly Bear,” told by Henry Tate in “Tsimshian Mythology,” 1916

These Nisga’a appliquéd and beaded dance leggings represent the sculpin, a bottom-dwelling fish. The tails are flaps that rested on top of the dancer’s moccasins. Clan leaders and high ranking people dressed elaborately for ceremonies, wearing painted or embroidered aprons, leggings, and blankets woven from mountain goat wool and cedar bark.

Culture: Tsimshian
Region: Nass River, British Columbia, Canada
Object Category: Clothing
Dimensions: Width 39cm
Accession Date: 1907
Source: George T. Emmons (collector)
Museum: National Museum of the American Indian
Museum ID Number: 014197.000