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Pipe bowl and stem

seiik dáakeit “tobacco pipe”
Language: Lingít

The spirits of the dead of both phratries [Ravens and Eagles] are supposed to be smoking while their friends on earth smoke, and they also share the feast.

—Katishan, from “The Tobacco Feast,” in “Tlingit Myths and Texts,” 1909

This Tlingit ceremonial tobacco pipe is richly inlaid with iridescent abalone shell. Mourners at funerals and memorial ceremonies smoked in communion with their ancestors, and placed tobacco in the fire to send it skyward to their deceased relatives.

Culture: Tlingit
Region: Taku River, British Columbia, Canada
Object Category: Tobacco
Dimensions: Length 39cm
Accession Date: 1906
Source: George T. Emmons (collector)
Museum: National Museum of the American Indian
Museum ID Number: 009208.000