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isiktuuk “pair of knee-high, caribou-leg-skin winter boots”
Language: North Slope Iñupiaq

These are common winter wear, very common winter-style boots.

—Ron Brower, Sr., 2002

Iñupiaq women still sew this style of warm caribou-skin boot. Skins from all four legs of one animal are needed to make each boot. The top trim is now often made with imported calfskin, but white caribou fur is traditional.

Culture: Iñupiaq
Region: Northwest Alaska
Object Category: Clothing
Object Type: Boots
Dimensions: Length 60cm
Accession Date: 1941
Source: Mrs. Richard L. Henderson (donor), Comdr. Andrew J. Henderson (collector)
Museum: National Museum of Natural History
Museum ID Number: E381735