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kuynga “pipe”
Language: St. Lawrence Island Yupik

Some of the Siberians and their relatives came. Right after a big dinner, they started to smoke, always passing the pipe clockwise, taking two puffs, one puff.

—Estelle Oozevaseuk, 2001

Russian fur traders brought tobacco to Siberia, and peoples in northwest Alaska obtained it through exchange networks. Tobacco came to St. Lawrence Island through trade with Siberian Yupik villages, the nearest located forty miles west of the island by skin boat. Traditional St. Lawrence Island pipes, like those made in many other parts of Alaska, had wide, flaring bowls, a design that originated in China or Japan. This pipe has a lead mouthpiece and bowl and lead-filled inlays.

Culture: St. Lawrence Island Yupik
Region: St. Lawrence Island, Alaska
Object Category: Tobacco
Object Type: Pipe
Dimensions: Length 30cm
Accession Date: 1921
Source: Rev. Sheldon Jackson (collector)
Museum: National Museum of Natural History
Museum ID Number: E316796