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Snow goggles

iyegaatek “snow goggles, sunglasses”
Language: St. Lawrence Island Yupik

They have all kinds, all shapes…Because of glare – the glare of the sun is pretty bad and mostly, even at white-out, these are very handy… When spring comes, the sun is very bright.

—Estelle Oozevaseuk, 2001

This pair of St. Lawrence Island Yupik goggles has multiple slits like Venetian blinds, providing a broad field of view. Goggles protected the eyes from wind as well as light reflecting off snow, ice, and water. Goggles carved from walrus ivory have been found in Old Bering Sea archaeological sites nearly 2000 years old.

Culture: St. Lawrence Island Yupik
Region: St. Lawrence Island, Alaska
Object Category: Hunting
Dimensions: Length 30cm
Accession Date: 1913
Source: Riley D. Moore (collector)
Museum: National Museum of Natural History
Museum ID Number: E280226