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guga’ tlaga’ “doll”
Language: Lower Tanana

We’d make new dresses for our dolls. And I remember one spring, somebody taught us how to make little tiny kkaakene (“boots”) like this and meendaage (“mittens”).

—Eliza Jones, 2004

This Tanana girl’s doll wears traditional men’s clothing – a pointed tunic, hood, gauntlet-style mittens, moccasin-trousers, and knife sheath. Girls sometimes made their own dolls out of cloth and stuffing, using braided grass for hair. They learned to tan skins and sew by working on new clothes for their dolls.

Culture: Athabascan
Region: Tanana River, Alaska
Village: Nenana
Object Category: Toys, games
Dimensions: Length 30cm
Accession Date: 1963
Source: Miss Margaretta S Grider, Mrs Ludlow Bull (presented)
Museum: National Museum of the American Indian
Museum ID Number: 233074.000