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Hunting hat

ugtarcuun “bentwood hat, conical wooden hat”
Language: Central Yup'ik

Also called:
ciayaq “bentwood hat decorated with feathers”
Language: Central Yup'ik

I heard of them when I was small. They used to use them for hunting down on the sea. When the bad weather comes, they put this on…And when a wave comes, that wave will not hit their eyes.

—Neva Rivers, 2002

A wooden hunting hat shaded a man’s eyes against waves, spray, and glare. Spiritually, it wrapped him in the aura of a bird and attracted game animals with its beauty. Men wore hats when hunting and during Nakaciuryaraq, the Bladder Festival, when the souls of seals are returned to the sea. This hat is adorned with ivory carvings of seals, wing-like ivory pieces on the sides, and tail feathers from oldsquaw ducks.

Culture: Yup’ik
Region: Yukon River, Alaska
Object Category: Hunting
Accession Date: 1917
Source: Fred Ford (collector)
Museum: National Museum of the American Indian
Museum ID Number: 062364.000