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Fur seals on a beach near the village of St. Paul, Pribilof Islands.

Photo by Steve McCutcheon, Anchorage Museum of History and Art, SM01310.

The villages were, and today still are, largely based on kinship. A village is made up those you are related to and those you are not; ‘family values’ are important in Aleut life.

– Patricia Petrivelli


Unangan, Unangas, Aliguutas, Aleuts

Patricia Petrivelli

Among Alaska Natives, the Unangax^/Aleut people have experienced the longest and most direct contact with Western cultures. Yet while modern day Aleut identity is shaded by Russian and American influences, the Unangax^/Aleut culture is fundamentally a continuation of the practices of ancestors who occupied the Aleutian Islands for more than seven thousand years before foreigners arrived. Continue Reading